The Studio

The private state of the art digital Recording, Mixing & Mastering studio is situated in the roof area of my home in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Constructed as a multipurpose single room, the studio has movable screens to effectively accommodate different recording needs. Due to the room’s shape, acoustic treatment and balanced sound, it is perfect for both Mixing/Mastering and Recording.

Being a single room design it offers a slightly different working relationship with the client/performer when recording compared to larger studios with separate rooms. But by being in the same room I feel this allows for quicker communication and a more personal approach to the whole process of making a record.

For recording full size drum kits and other instruments that require a much larger space, I have access to a 60 square metre live room, which is only 10 minutes away from the studio. All of the main studio equipment is easily transportable and taken to this location ahead of recording sessions.

My hybrid Mixing and Mastering set up combines the best of both the digital and analogue worlds to give me an easy to recall system, which has the vibe and musical sound of outboard hardware, but with all the benefits of working digitally.

I have the ability to record up to 30 tracks at once with pro grade A/D conversion and also have a wide range of great sounding microphones and equipment, all of which has all been carefully selected to get the best results working in the digital domain, whilst still retaining the characteristics of analogue.

Please note, viewing and attendance is by appointment only. – CONTACT US

Recording Studio Portsmouth, Hampshire

SDR Audio Production