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Examples of my work for Mixing can be found in the Audio Player at the bottom of the site.

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What is Mixing?

Mixing can be compared to an artist painting a picture, but with sound. Working with individually recorded components, Mixing involves many different techniques, EQ, effects, editing and processing to create the final audio perfectly balanced and professionally treated to be then taken into the Mastering stage.

The saying “You get what you pay for” is never truer when working with audio. Some people offer to charge very small amounts for mixing, but that will always be reflected in the quality produced. A complex mix can take many hours to complete, it is not uncommon for 12+ hours to be spent working on a single track. When someone is charging very little to mix and master a full production rock song, you have to question how many hours they actually intend to spend working at it. The math says, not very long at all. Why would you want to invest all that time and effort in recording a project, only then not to invest in achieving the very best mix possible?

I will craft a clear and powerful mix, which helps to tell the story of the song, and translates to the listener how you intended it to. My hybrid mixing set up combines the best of both the digital and analogue worlds to give me an easy to recall system, which has the vibe and musical sound of outboard hardware, but with all the benefits of working digitally.

If you are looking for mixes with energy, punch, depth, rich lows, crystal clear highs, and a big dynamic sound, you can trust that your music will be in safe hands. I want it to sound great, you want it to sound great, so that’s exactly what I focus on.

There are no limits on revisions (within reason).

Final mixes are delivered in WAV format, and also include “Instrumental” & “Vocal Only” mix versions as standard.

Get in touch and let me give your music the incredible mix it deserves.

How to prepare tracks for Mixing?

I require each individual recorded component/audio channel to be exported/rendered as a separate WAV file. Please also ensure each audio channel is not peaking any higher than –1 dB.

Please ensure all exported WAV files start at the same point (from zero) and end at the end of the track. Even if the recorded sound is at the end of the track, export that entire track from the start so when I load them in here at the studio, all the tracks align correctly.

For Mono recorded tracks/channels such as Guitars and Vocals, please ensure these are exported as Mono WAV’s. If you have stereo tracks such as Left & Right side Guitars and Drum Overheads/Rooms, please export these as split Mono tracks for the Left and Right channels. For Stereo instruments such as Keyboards and MIDI based instruments, these can be exported as Stereo WAV tracks.

For any audio channels that have creative effects, for example an effect on a Vocal or Guitar track, please include a separate WAV file exported/rendered with the effect turned on, but the mix of the effect set to 100% effected in regards to the blend of the effected and dry signal. If these are Stereo effects, please render them as Stereo WAV’s.

Please make sure all exported files are named correctly and organised for when they arrive here at the studio.

I like to work with 48kHz/24bit (or higher) WAV files, but 44.1kHz/16bit is also accepted if the project has been recorded in that sample rate. Please inform me of these details when sending the files.

Rough Mixes, and Reference Tracks?

Please include any rough mixes you have of the tracks to demonstrate where you were with things at the end of the recording stage. Also include any reference tracks you may have of other artists material that you are aiming for in regards to the sound of the production.

To discuss your project with me in detail, please use the Request A Quote form.