How much does Mastering cost?

My Stereo Mastering rate is £45.00 GBP per song/track. This includes unlimited Mastering revisions and final Master files are delivered as 24bit WAV, 16bit WAV, plus a high quality MP3 version as standard.

Discounts are given for multiple songs/tracks, E.P Mastering and Album Mastering.

Stem Mastering & Post Mixing services are quoted per project requirements.

How to book projects in together?

Get in touch with me via email to discuss what requirements are needed in detail, I will then provide a quote for the project and dates for completion. I require full payment of the invoice to confirm the dates/time booked in my schedule.

Do you work with clients in different countries?

I work with people from all over the world from my private Mastering studio in Hampshire, England. Most projects can be completed easily with email exchanges and when needed video calls. As long as we have good communication together, all projects run smoothly. For overseas clients I usually accept payments via PayPal.

How many revisions are included?

There are no limits on revisions with anything my end (within reason) when working together on projects.

Is your Mastering studio analogue or digital?

I like to work with a hybrid set up that allows for the best of both worlds, easy recalls and a smooth workflow. I prefer to be in full control of the amount of colouring and processing I do to the material, and feel this is only really achievable with combining carefully selected digital tools with minimal outboard analogue equipment, one piece being my API 2500 compressor for Mastering.

What genre of music do you work with?

I enjoy and pride myself on being able to work with all kinds of different music genres including fusions of Pop, Rock & Metal, Rap, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Electronic and EDM. I like pushing boundaries and striving for sonic perfection, whilst always respecting the vision of the music and the material itself.

When Mastering a mix that requires changes for improving or better level balances, do you send it back to the client to be changed?

The first step of working together involves me listening to the finished mixes of the material from a Mastering perspective to provide any feedback that may be required, or suggested for improving the mixes prior to Mastering. If something is highlighted during the Mastering process, mix changes/revisions can be made and final Masters reprinted once without additional costs. Any further mix changes that require reprinted final Masters would have additional costs to cover the extra time needed.

What file format do you accept for Mastering?

More detailed information can be found here – MASTERING

How long have you worked in the music business?

I have worked in the music industry for nearly 20 years. Starting my professional journey as a musician, co-songwriter and manager in the band “Enochian Theory”. Having experienced touring, record label deals and making albums in other recording studios, I realised my true passion and calling for music was being a part of its final production for other artists. As an experienced Mastering engineer I have the ability to hear and feel music a certain way, this allows me to immerse myself into a project from a highly critical and creative perspective simultaneously.

Get in touch with me via email to discuss projects, rates and bookings.